Smart Home alarm system

wireless Home Alarm System

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Intruder Alarm System


  • Complete Home security system with pre-programmed main unit and sensors.

  • Auto-dialer function will call up to 6 designated phone numbers in case of a security breach

  • Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in

  • Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity

  • Loud, 110dB alarm alerts neighbours and deters potential intruders

Security threats are known to arrive unannounced. Not any more, with the latest Eagle-I Pro wireless home alarm system. The system’s alarm goes off on sensing any unauthorized intrusion and other emergencies. Plus, the panel instantly sends an alert on your mobile phone via a call and text. In short, Eagle-I Pro will never let your guard down.

Touch Sensitive Keypad
The touch sensitive keypad on the indoor unit allows easy operation in the dark. So now relax regardless whether it’s day or night.

Get Instant Alerts on your Mobile in Case of Any Intrusion
It instantly alerts you on your mobile via call or text in case of any intrusion so that you can rest assured that your home and loved ones are safe even when you are away.

Stylish, Eye-Catching Design
Stylish eye catching design that gives you a pleasant experience and adds to your home aesthetics, in addition to keeping you safe.

Wireless Remote
Operating the alarm system is extremely convenient with the wireless remote control which also doubles up as a keychain

to keep your keys safecontrol-cum-keychain.

Supports 10 Remote Controls, 50 Wireless Sensors and 50 RFID Tags
Flexibility along with security is a win-win. It supports 10 remote controls, 50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags.

Built-in Speaker for Alarm and Two-Way Talking
Relax! Even in the case of a break-in or intrusion the built in speaker gets activated and you can speak to authorities without the need of a phone connection.

Arm and Disarm the System by SMS or Free Phone Call
Take total control of your security. You can arm the system whenever you feel the need of security and disarm it when you are at ease.

5-Hour Standby
You never know when you’ll need security the most. The 5-hour standby time ensures protection for a longer duration and allows you to rest without getting worried about safety.

Remote Monitoring via Phone
You can easily keep a tab on what’s happening in your home with remote monitoring via phone which instantly alerts you in case of an intrusion through SMS or free phone call.

Free Installation
Convenience that starts with free installation of the unit continues forever as you go on discovering the security and benefits.

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